Whether in the boardroom high above the rooftops of Zermatt or deep down in rooms carved from the rock, THE OMNIA offers unique spaces for creative workshops and highly focused meetings. The hotel offers the privacy as well as all the services you require.

Deep in the rock


This uniqe multifunctional glass and steel space is surrounded by rocks deep in the cliff, isolated from the outside world. A unforgettable environment for meetings, video conferencing, private dinners, and events.


The world from above

Board Room

The Boardroom i spart of the lounge. For private events or meetings up to 10 people, we can close the room at any given time – equipped with State-of-the-Art technology.


At home with friends

Private Events, Corporate Events

THE OMNIA is the place for unique moments. Be it for company anniversaries, Birthdays or exclusive events. We would gladly assist with any preparation for your customized event.

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Closed from March 15 to June 18, 2020

THE OMNIA: Closed from March 15 to June 18, 2020 – Geschlossen vom 15. März bis 18. Juni 2020